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Hello, World!

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Hello, World!

Post by Kaito on Fri 24 Feb 2017, 10:33 pm

Heyo, I’m Kaito, the creator of this forum.

Call me Kami-sama. Jk, you can just call me Kaito (for the sake of anonymity)

I guess you could call me a well rounded person, I’m into mostly everything: a bit of K-pop, anime, games, etc. Even if I have no idea what you’re talking about, I’ll probably still listen and ask you stuff, so I do have an idea what you’re talking about.

One day I hope I will be able to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C++, Java or Python, something like that, so I can create my own things.

If that fails, I’ll probably be hiding in my room playing Osu! or League, while crying at how bad I am.

Nice to meet you  Very Happy

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